Attention LCD use of LCD

 Come and talk to you today about the use of LCD LCD screen matters needing attention, the following to understand together.

 1. DC voltage shall be prevented:

 The smaller the DC component of the drive voltage, the better. a maximum of not more than 50 mV, of prolonged application of excessive dc composition, electrolysis and electrode aging will occur, thus reducing the lifetime.

 2. UV radiation should be prevented:

 Liquid crystal and polarizer are organic matter, under ultraviolet radiation will occur photochemical reaction, deterioration, so in the uart tft lcd liquid crystal display device assembly should be based on its use and use environment to consider the need to install in front of the ultraviolet filter or other anti-ultraviolet methods. Use should also avoid long periods of direct sunlight.

 3. to prevent harmful gas erosion:

 Liquid crystal and polarizer are organic matter, chemical reaction and deterioration occur in the environment of harmful gas, so the isolation measures of harmful gas should be taken in use, in addition, after the whole machine is assembled, do not carry on long time sealed storage, in case plastic shell and circuit board cleaning agent produce chemical gas concentration too big damage liquid crystal and polarizer.

 4. shall prevent forced extrusion:

LCD made of two pieces of glass, only 5~10 um, thin between them. and the inner surface of the glass is also coated with a layer of directional film, which is easy to destroy. So the LCD screen surface can not add pressure too large, so as not to destroy the directional layer. In case of excessive pressure or hand-held devices during assembly, rest for an hour before electrification. Keep in mind that there must be no drastic temperature change during electrification. The pressure of the device should be uniform, only the side of the presser, can not press the middle, also can not tilt force.

 5. the liquid crystalline state disappears because the segment code LCD exceeds a certain temperature range:

 so must be kept and used within the specified temperature range. The temperature is too high, the liquid crystalline state disappears, becomes liquid, the display surface is black, can not work, please note that at this time must not be electrified, and so on after the temperature is reduced can recover by itself. If the temperature is too low, the liquid crystal begins to form ice flowers, causing permanent damage. Also stored at the limit temperature for a long time or subjected to vibration, shock, LCD will also produce bubbles.

 6. prevent segment code LCD glass rupture:

 Because the display device is made of glass, if lost, the glass will definitely break, so the whole machine design must test the assembly method and assembly vibration and impact resistance.


I ran out of reasons to smile. Then you come along.


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