Europe’s most worthy country, good and cheap but no one to go, by netizens called “white-eyed wolf “?

It is believed that many people have an illusion about travel, that the process of travel is very good, and those who love to travel have a plot that is to travel to Europe, many people travel to the country of choice must be Europe, Europe is very attractive to people.

When we were young, Europe was a textbook novel about Migo, a collection of Tagore’s essays, but when we grew up, we found that Europe was far away not only charming but also particularly attractive, and that melodious breath of life and the charm of nature made us feel so relaxed. But although Europe is very good-looking, but think flights from shanghai to shenzhen some ordinary people still can not afford to go, after all, European prices are also quite expensive.

 Visa is also troublesome, but now quality and China’s national strength, more and more European countries have begun to visa-free Chinese tourists, now tourists want to go to Europe no longer need to apply for a troublesome visa, at any time can come to a walk-on journey. In one of many european countries that are visa-free for chinese tourists, china is offered a free visa and a special 20-day stay.

Although this country is relatively small, but it is said that the older generation of people know this country, because this country and China have a very special relationship, do you know where this came from? This country is albania, the mention of this country has to say that the scenery of this country is very beautiful, she was named “the world’s most value for money travel place “.

 Although the country is small, it has very old scenic spots. It is also because it is older than most countries in Europe, so it attracts a lot of people every day, although it is not developed.

 At the same time, Albania and other European countries are not the same, her architectural style slightly different from the traditional European architecture, very artistic appreciation, looking at the architecture here as if it is in the palace of art.

 Because Albania is not developed, its prices are cheap flights from shanghai to shenzhen extremely low and it is especially suitable for some families whose economic base is not strong. Can you imagine? In the capital of the country ,100 yuan can stay in star-rated hotels, some places even lower prices than the domestic, not a trip is not a pity?

 But surprisingly, despite the country’s low prices, people do n’ t even want to visit the country with the same money. Do you know why? It’s not just because the country is n’ t famous, it’s because the country has done something very exciting.

In the past, china has helped albania to donate a lot of food every year, and in other ways, but did not expect to feed a “white-eyed wolf “. So there’s a reason why people do n’ t want to go to this country. But China has also helped a number of countries, although there are some countries such as Albania, but also to our sincere country.

 Europe’s most worthy country, good and cheap but no one to go, by netizens called “white-eyed wolf “? As the saying goes ,” adversity sees true feelings “, only when a person has difficulties, can know how right this sentence is.


I ran out of reasons to smile. Then you come along.


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