Same organic milk powder, Abbott Zhizhi and Xibao which suitable for baby?

Organic milk powder as one of the important directions of the development of baby milk powder, has attracted much attention, of which organic milk powder two representative series Xibao and Jing Zhi organic milk powder, also caused the concern of mothers, also belong to organic milk powder, how should choose, which milk powder is suitable for the baby?

Hipp organic milk powder brand belongs to Germany one hundred, abbott qingsong zhi milk powder belongs to abbott series, also good milk powder background, it is no wonder that his mother would bring the two were compared, the mothers favorite professional do global milk powder from mother to child platform – the international mummy APP, hipp organic milk sales volume is higher, but the two milk powder reputation is pretty good. So, how should Heep organic milk powder and Abbott Earnest organic milk powder choose? You can learn here.

If there is research on foreign milk powder, you should have heard of the international mommy APP. The mummy was established in 2009, the headquarters is located in Frankfurt, Germany, focus on the global quality and the professional electrical business APP, on the platform at present foreign milk powder has been covered in 12 countries around the world hundreds of brands, most products is the world’s proprietary straight, some brand straight for, from the source to ensure the mothers can rest assured to buy; In the mode of entity self-operation at home and abroad, the platform itself is responsible for the purchase, storage, logistics and after-sales service of products, and a series of measures such as invoicing are taken to ensure that mothers can enjoy high-quality overseas shopping experience without leaving home. International mommy APP has also ranked first in the APP Store for many years with the trust of mothers. If mothers prefer foreign milk powder, they can download the international mommy APP for reference.

First of all, let’s compare the two milk powder brand background to introduce to you.

Qingsong zhi organic milk powder is abbott laboratories, an organic milk powder, abbott believe many mothers should have heard of this brand of milk powder, abbott laboratories founded in 1888, headquartered in Chicago, is a “medical equipment business, nutrition business, diagnosis and drug business” as the core of the listed company, which belongs to the nutrition milk powder business, we’re talking about abbott qingsong zhi organic positioning high-end milk powder.

HiPP was born in 1899 in Germany. It is a leading brand of milk powder in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and other German-speaking countries. It is also a well-known brand for 100 years, which is trusted by mothers. As early as the 1950s, it started organic farming and is the earliest practitioner of organic food in the world. It has been committed to the promotion and research and development of organic food. Up to now, there are more than 6,000 self-operated and cooperative organic farms. The product category involves the baby food, the beverage, the baby care and the mother product, sells in the world more than 50 countries and the region.

From the milk source and production of raw materials, Abbott and Xibao are relatively high quality.

Abbott Pure organic use Danish milk source, Danish milk source belongs to the world recognized high quality milk source, raw materials using skim milk, fresh degree is better.

The milk source of German Xibao milk powder comes from Germany, and the milk source is also relatively high quality. Heppon milk base is made entirely from fresh skim (raw) milk.

In terms of nutritional formula, Xibao does not add sucrose and flavor, more light.

Because Abbott powder belongs to organic milk powder, organic milk powder is more of the pursuit of no addition, no pollution, etc., personal advice to mothers, especially new mothers, do not pay too much attention to infant milk formula, after all, the development of big brands of milk powder after a long time all aspects are relatively better.

Mother when choose milk powder can see if the milk powder added sucrose and essence, abbott laboratories in the second paragraph of the zhi added maltodextrin, three sections of added sugar and maltodextrin, although the current national standard 2 and 3 milk powder is not clearly prohibited to use add sugar and maltodextrin, but white granulated sugar, malt dextrin may enhance the baby taste, cause of picky eating.

Because of Germany’s strict requirements for infant milk powder, Xibao milk powder did not add sucrose and essence and other substances in the whole stage.

In terms of price, we have said at the beginning that many mothers have disputes about Abbott Qingzhi organic milk powder, because the price of Qingzhi organic milk powder is too high. I refer to the price of this kind of milk powder on the international Mommy APP, which is between 340-390 RMB. The price of different segments is different, 900g of milk powder.

The German Xibao milk powder on the international Mommy APP, the price is around 130, milk powder 800g, in comparison, Abbott Zhizhi organic milk powder on the price advantage is not big.

Speaking of which, mothers will also wonder, why the German version of Heppon organic milk powder so cost-effective?

These developed European and American countries often have a high level of economic development, providing better social welfare and perfect social security system for their citizens. Therefore, the retail price of infant formula milk powder in these countries can be kept low for a long time by subsidizing the enterprises and consumers of infant formula milk powder to encourage and reward fertility.

In addition, foreign countries are not too few to allow infant milk powder to carry out a great fanfare of publicity, so in terms of publicity costs, also can save a part of the infant milk powder investment is more scientific research.


Xibao and Abbott Ching Zhi organic milk powder is a strong brand strength, research and development experience of the international well-known milk powder brand, the two milk powder source and base material are relatively high quality, but Abbott Ching Zhi milk powder price is higher than Xibao and 2 and 3 paragraph there is a deduction item, the mother can carefully consider when the choice.

How should special doctor milk powder choose? How to avoid minefields taught by a pediatrician

The full name of “special medical formula” is “special medical infant formula”, which is to adjust the composition of milk powder through food technology to meet the nutritional needs of babies with special diseases or medical conditions. The key word here is “special,” which means that for normal parents of babies, there is no need to pay special attention to this type of product. For ordinary healthy babies, the optimal choice for feeding is breast milk. The nutrition composition and proportion of breast milk are the most suitable for babies. Exclusive breastfeeding can meet the nutritional needs of the baby’s growth and development up to the age of six months, so it is recommended that breastfeeding continue at least until six months after birth. Infant formula can be supplemented for infants with insufficient breast milk.

However, for babies with special feeding needs such as preterm birth, lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy, in order to ensure the healthy growth of the baby, it is usually necessary to choose special medical infant formula. How to choose the various milk powder on the market? You treasure the treasure mom dad need to be aware that, in accordance with the provisions of national food safety law “the special medical milk powder” manufacturers in addition to need to production and business license, also must pass a drug regulatory department of the special medical use formula for examination and approval of registration, to expand production, the sale, suggest choose in under the guidance of professional personage, avoid minefields.

Several kinds of “special medical milk powder” commonly available on the market are as follows, you can read the full info here:

1. Breast milk fortifier: For premature or low birth weight infants, the biological mother’s breast milk is the best choice. The content of protein and main nutrients in breast milk gradually decreases with the prolongation of lactation time. Breast milk fortifier is only used as a supplement of breast milk and cannot be used as food alone for infants and young children. The use and dosage of breast milk fortifier should be used under the guidance of pediatricians.

2. Premature infant formula: Both premature infant formula and transition premature infant formula (formula after premature infant is discharged from hospital) belong to premature infant formula. When the mother of a premature baby does not have enough breast milk or is unable to provide breast milk, it shall be fed with infant formula. Preterm formula is generally suitable for newborn preterm infants and is commonly used during hospitalization of preterm infants. Transitional formula milk for premature infants is mainly used for continuous feeding after discharge from hospital. The energy, protein and other nutrients of premature infant milk are higher than that of normal formula milk, which meets the nutritional needs of premature infant with higher growth and metabolism.

3. Lactose-free or lactose-low formula: it is suitable for babies with congenital lactase deficiency or secondary lactase deficiency due to enteritis, intestinal surgery and other reasons. The formula mainly USES maltose or glucose polymers to replace lactose, protein, fat and other nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of infants, and can improve gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain and bowel sound. What parents call “diarrhea milk powder” is lactose-free milk powder.

4. Milk protein partial hydrolyzed formula: Suitable for babies at high risk of allergy, such as parents with a history of food allergy. The milk protein in milk powder is processed into small milk protein, peptide chain and amino acid to reduce the sensitization of large milk protein.

5. Milk protein hydrolyzed formula/amino acid formula: suitable for infants with food protein allergy. Deep hydrolyzed formula refers to the hydrolysis of large molecular milk protein prone to allergic reaction into short peptides and amino acids through a special process, while amino acid formula refers to the transformation of milk protein into non-sensitive, low-molecular free amino acids through a special process. Neither of them contains food protein, but amino acid formula milk is hydrolyzed more thoroughly, and its nutritional value is lower than that of traditional formula milk. Therefore, it must be used under the guidance of pediatricians when choosing this milk powder.

6. Amino acid metabolism disorder formula: Suitable for babies with special amino acid metabolism disorders. These babies because of disease factors in vivo amino acid metabolism disorders, resulting in physical growth and mental retardation. Amino acid metabolism-impaired formula milk powder is a special formula that contains no or only a small amount of metabolism-impaired amino acids, and the composition of other amino acids is adjusted appropriately to ensure that sufficient essential and non-essential amino acids are provided. Can replace the ordinary infant formula food, improve the symptoms of children, reduce intellectual impairment, at the same time for the baby to provide necessary, adequate nutrients to maintain their normal growth and development needs. For example, babies with phenylketonuria should choose this type of formula.

So how do you know if baby feeding is appropriate? Pediatrician Renxuan Hui introduced that the baby is in the flourishing period of growth and development within 3 years old, observe whether the baby is fed reasonably, the simplest method is to measure the baby’s weight, body length and head circumference (can roughly refer to the following figure, the unit is centimeter). If the baby’s indicators deviate more from normal, need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Baby without vomiting, abdominal distention, diarrhea, abdominal pain after eating, the digestive system symptoms, and no allergic reactions such as eczema, mental state is good, also is feeding the appropriate performance, if has special disease baby needed medical powder, preferably every 3 to 6 months to normal hospital outpatient medical examination in child care, adjust feeding program.

What is premature milk powder, how to choose milk powder, and how to feed premature babies

Premature infant milk powder has been introduced into China for about 6-7 years, all of which are foreign products, but the quantity is limited. As a special nutritional food, the demand of premature milk powder is very low. This product is a special formula with extremely high raw material quality requirements. China has not developed and produced its own premature baby milk powder.

Incubator premature baby

How long do you have to eat milk powder for premature babies? Please read the full info here.

1. Avoid choking milk

When the baby is just born, sucking ability is not very good, vomit milk, choke the situation of milk from time to time occurrence. Drink too big mouth or nursing posture is not easy to choke milk, serious will lead to pneumonia or suffocation. Be sure to choose the right bottle. Hold the baby sideways at feeding time. After feeding, straighten the baby and pat him on the back to remove the gas from the esophagus.

2. Feeding requirements

It is necessary to give full consideration to the digestive characteristics of the infant and feed the infant regularly and quantitatively. The characteristic of premature infants Suckling is that they eat less and eat more slowly. Therefore, the feeding of premature infants is often intermittent, stop when eating, while absorption with the baby.

3. The time of turning milk is different

Because the physiological development is different from that of normal infants, the composition and consumption requirements of premature infant milk powder are different from those of ordinary milk powder. During the change of milk powder, the intestines should have a transition period to adapt to the new milk powder. During this period, the proportion of ordinary milk powder in premature baby milk powder can be increased according to the situation, and finally the transformation of milk powder can be completed.

How to choose premature baby milk powder

There are different brands of premature infant milk powder at different prices on the market, and it is difficult to tell which is better. It’s not that the higher the price, the louder the brand, and the fancier the package, the better the quality of milk powder. When buying premature infant milk powder, may wish to refer to the following principles.

The closer the ingredients are to breast milk, the better

Most of the existing baby formula formula according to the composition of breast milk to modulation, a few nutrients will have a difference in proportion. In addition to inheriting the benefits of breast-milk proteins, tryptophan, which has anti-stimulant properties, has been found to optimize sleep quality in infants.

Choose according to the baby’s age

Indigestion, diarrhea, abnormal growth, slow weight and height growth, excessive heat, bad breath, eye excrement, allergy symptoms, loss of appetite, if the baby does not have the above symptoms, milk powder can be safely consumed. On the contrary, the milk powder can not be selected, the need for timely replacement. Milk powder packaging is usually appropriate for the age of the relevant instructions, mothers can refer to the instructions for their baby to choose their own milk powder. Whether the milk powder is properly selected, can be compared to the following symptoms to know.

Choose according to the baby’s health condition

As a result of incomplete development, premature infants will appear a lot of gastrointestinal problems. The first choice is premature infant milk powder, which can be turned to milk when the child’s weight catches up to the full term. According to these different pathologies, there are various types of milk powder on the market for mothers to buy as needed, such as desensitization milk powder and high-speed railway milk powder, etc., which should be carried out under the guidance of professionals.

How to choose the right milk powder for baby? What about milk formula? Here are the key ingredients to know

The healthy growth of the baby is the biggest wish of parents, so for the children’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, parents are carefully selected, especially for the baby’s “ration” (formula) choice is particularly picky, brand reputation, milk source, formula, evaluation should be the best choice.

What kind of milk powder is good? The key is to make the formula fit your baby’s growth needs. Infants and young children in the fastest growth and development of the golden stage, so the need for nutrition is large and wide; But at the same time, this special group is in the period of the weakest immunity, vulnerable to the invasion of germs and viruses, resulting in high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory diseases. Therefore, good formula will pay attention to the construction of baby’s healthy gastrointestinal system, promote the development of their own immune system.

How to choose a good formula for baby milk powder? Here are the key ingredients you should know:

1. Immune components: lactoferrin

A newborn baby’s immune system is not fully developed, so it can only resist the invasion of viruses through immune factors delivered in breast milk. Lactoferrin is one of the important components naturally contained in breast milk, which has the function of regulating immunity and resisting pathogenic microorganisms, promoting the proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria, and enhancing the absorption and utilization rate of iron in the body. Therefore is one of the important ingredients in the milk powder formula.

The first company in the world to successfully add lactoferrin to infant formula (in 1986) was Nishi-Morinaga Dairy. Morinaga was founded in 1917 and began to produce infant formula milk powder in 1920. For many years, morinaga has been committed to the research of breast milk and the development of formula milk powder, with the purity of lactoferrin reaching over 96%.

2. Intestinal care ingredients: prebiotics

Infants have weak digestion, and if the gastrointestinal tract does not absorb nutrients well, then no amount of nutrition is wasted. Therefore, it is very important to construct the baby’s healthy gastrointestinal system. At present, most formula milk products will add prebiotics, the purpose is to improve digestion and absorption through the proliferation of intestinal probiotics, which can effectively reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases. Morinaga infant formula added with prebiotics are isomerized lactose and oligosgalactose (GOS), which is the world’s first milk powder with isomerized lactose (1960). In 1996, morinaga developed the world’s first infant formula with two prebiotics.

3. Brain components: DHA/AA

DHA, the focus of most parents’ attention, has become a byword for “smart,” a key nutrient for the brain and optic nerve development of fetuses and infants. In addition, reasonable DHA/AA has protective effects against allergies, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

After selecting a good formula that fits the growth needs of the baby, it is necessary to judge whether the product is suitable for the baby’s constitution according to the absorption and digestion of the baby. Here are some observations you can make:

1. Whether you have allergies. Diagnosed allergy to milk protein or lactose intolerant baby, can not drink ordinary infant formula milk powder, can be turned into a special constitutional formula milk powder.

2. Is there any fire? Baby fire is caused by indigestion, if the baby’s poor absorption of milk powder will lead to fire. Morinaga infant formula is added with prebiotics, which can improve digestion and absorption. As the experience of Internet users shows, there will be little heat.

3. Is your baby’s poop normal? Baby defecation, is the most intuitive to judge whether the milk powder absorption, whether suitable for the baby. The baby milk powder feeding normal defecation should be 2-4 times/day, the stool was yellow or deep yellow paste; If the stool is dry or rotten, it is indigestion.

A good formula is the key to milk powder purchasing, but milk is also an important reference; Good milk is the foundation of good milk powder. Morinaga baby formula will move its production line to the Netherlands to obtain a better quality milk source, and the products will be imported from the Netherlands. Good milk source, good formula, natural production of good milk powder

Milk powder and liquid milk which good?

Abbott has offered to revoke its U.S. registration for liquid infant formula, the General Administration of Customs said in a statement. Prior to this, domestic enterprises that have tried liquid infant formula milk, such as Biostime and Beingmae, have also abandoned the relevant market of liquid infant formula milk.

According to the 2019 dairy quality report released last month, data showed that in 2018 China’s dairy production 31.768 million tons, up 0.9% from a year earlier, compared with 2013 growth of 1.9%, but the dairy production 26.871 million tons, down 0.4% year-on-year in 2013, including liquid milk production of 25.055 million tons, up 7.3% from 2013, but starting in 2017 entered the downward output growth.

What is the reason for liquid milk/goat milk to gradually become obsolete in the infant family? Please learn here.

| is too expensive, twice the price of similar milk powder

According to 8 jin of fresh milk to 1 jin of milk powder, 25g milk powder is equivalent to 200g of fresh milk contains nutrients. However, from the perspective of protein “cost performance”, compared with the protein of 250ml*12 (≈200g*15) for fresh milk at 78 yuan, the protein of 78/15/6=0.867 yuan/g and the protein of 400g (=25g*16) for milk powder at 60 yuan, the protein of milk powder at 60/16/6.725=0.558 yuan/g is indeed more cost-effective.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, the most important is that fresh milk needs to consume more costs than milk powder in the process of storage and transportation.

| milk powder is easier to conduct personalized debugging

Unlike liquid milk/goat milk, milk powder is more susceptible to artificial manipulation of nutrients.

The physical characteristics of milk powder is solid, so we can adjust its nutritional composition. First of all, milk powder can make milk thicker: with 40g milk powder to make out of a cup of milk and nutrient content, than with 30g out of the milk nutrients content must be higher.

Moreover, milk powder can be made according to the needs of different populations of subtle nutritional adjustments, such as infant formula, milk and milk protein products based on the addition of an appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients, more suitable for the normal nutritional needs of infants 0-6 months old.

| Chinese view “hot drink”, liquid milk advantage no longer

Perhaps the biggest advantage of liquid milk/goat’s milk is that it doesn’t need to be brewed or drunk. But in the traditional Chinese concept of child rearing, this practice is definitely not desirable.

Both the young and the elderly are more accustomed to drinking warm milk, especially in the elderly and infants. This Chinese concept means that the advantage of liquid emulsion over milk powder is completely wiped out.

What do you think about that? See you in the comments section!

Can yogurt be frozen

Yoghurt is a kind of food that often eats in the life, because yogurt shelf life is shorter, want to buy a few more, get up completely ice to save, so yoghurt can be frozen?


It can be frozen.

Yogurt is a kind of food that USES milk as raw material, after sterilizing and sterilizing, adding beneficial bacteria into the milk after fermentation, and then cooling it down to become a kind of food. If the yogurt is frozen and preserved, lactobacillus in the yogurt can be put into a dormant state and no longer continue to ferment.

Although some of the beneficial bacteria will be destroyed at a low temperature when the yogurt is frozen for too long, reducing its nutritional value, it will not cause deterioration, so the yogurt can be frozen and preserved.


There is no spoilage to eat.

Low temperature can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, frozen yogurt, if there is no deterioration, is edible, but lost a part of the beneficial bacteria, but does not affect the taste of yogurt, but if there is a bad smell and other deterioration, can not be eaten, to avoid food after the gastrointestinal tract discomfort.


It will take about 2-3 hours.

On the market the freezer temperature is generally about 18 degrees below zero, solidification speed faster, add yogurt most belong to the type of solidification, the frozen layer in the refrigerator, after 2-3 hours can condensed solid, then edible, will taste like ice cream, for too long, it becomes more hard, more suitable as a smoothie.


Is not recommended.

Freezing yogurt can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and reduce the chance of deterioration. However, when it comes to the time of expiration, freezing is of little significance. Calcium will still expire and will not freeze the yogurt for a long time.

Therefore, when the yogurt is about to expire, it is not recommended to freeze the yogurt and save it. You can eat the yogurt directly and do not need to keep it for too long.


Best preserved in cold storage.

Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria, the bacteria is the most suitable for 2 to 6 degrees in the temperature range of survival, when the temperature is high, the activity of bacteria will be greatly increased, 2 to 3 days to reach top kill, cause metamorphism, when temperature is too low, inhibit the activity of the bacteria, cause the loss of nutrition, so the yogurt is optimum cold storage, can be smooth on the activity of living bacterium, save for a long time.

【 yogurt 】 the benefits of drinking yogurt

The expired yogurt benefits

Yogurt is made from fermented milk, with a sweet and sour taste and rich nutrition. It is deeply loved by people. It is a nutrient with unique function, which can regulate the balance of microorganisms in the body.

Compared with fresh milk, yogurt not only has all the nutrients of fresh milk, and in the fermentation process, milk lactose, protein is broken down into small molecules (such as galactose), so that the protein into a subtle milk, fat content is also increased by 2 times than milk, more easily digested and absorbed. Drink yoghurt to be able to promote digest and absorb, increase appetite, still have the action that prevents cancer. To drink the baby that milk is easy diarrhoea, drink yoghurt to happen not easily the phenomenon that abdominal distension, gas is much or diarrhoea.

The best time to drink yogurt

The best time of day to drink yogurt is divided into the following three periods.

1. In the morning. The diet in the morning is the most need to ensure nutrition, yogurt contains a lot of human body must be nutritional elements, so the effect of drinking yogurt in the morning is better. But want to notice, cannot hollow drink yoghurt in the morning, should match a few coarse grain, bread to wait.

2. At night. The advantage that evening drinks yoghurt is more, can have very good filling calcium effect. The period from 12 PM to midnight is the time when the body’s blood calcium content is lowest, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in food. This time period, the human body affects the absorption of calcium factors are also relatively small, and yogurt contains lactic acid and calcium combination, can promote calcium absorption. So, if possible, might as well drink a cup of yogurt before going to bed, but should pay attention to oral hygiene.

3. 30 minutes to 2 hours after dinner. The effect of drinking yogurt during this period is also very good. About two hours after the meal, the human stomach juice will be diluted, the ph value will rise to 3~5, which is more conducive to intestinal absorption of the effective substances in the yogurt.

How to make yogurt in the yogurt machine

Yogurt machine to make yogurt method is relatively simple, generally to prepare two bags of milk, and 1 cup of yogurt, the ratio of 10:1.


1. First disinfect the plastic container in the yogurt machine with boiling water for 1 minute, then pour the water clean and then pour the prepared two bags of milk into it.

2. Then pour in the yogurt and stir well with chopsticks or other tools.

3. Put the container with a good lid into the yogurt machine, and then put the lid on the yogurt machine. After switching on the power, the yogurt machine will start to work. About 8 hours. Two hours can be added in winter.

4, time is up, take out the plastic container, you will find that yogurt has been like bean curd general sticky, it is best to put it in the refrigerator 2~4 hours can be eaten.

Tip: it’s best to put the yogurt in the refrigerator to prevent it from fermenting. A cup of yogurt purchased from the supermarket before making yogurt is used as a strain of bacteria, or bifidobacteria can be directly used as a strain. Ratio: 1 gram of bifidobacterium powder +1000ML of milk. When drinking yogurt, you can add sugar, fruit or other drinks according to your taste.

Can pregnant woman drink leben

Can pregnant woman drink leben? Yogurt is rich in lactic acid bacteria, which can promote the secretion of digestive enzymes in the body and gastrointestinal peristalsis, remove intestinal waste and inhibit the reproduction of putrefying bacteria. In addition, it also provides vitamins, folic acid, calcium and other nutrients that can maintain the health of pregnant women and fetuses. So pregnant woman can drink yoghurt of course, especially to like delicate, like sour taste, the pregnant woman that appetite is not strong, yoghurt suits the taste of the first trimester most, pregnant woman and lactation mother need a lot of calcium and protein, eat yoghurt more can provide proper nutrition.

Benefits of yogurt for pregnant women:

1. Enhanced absorption

Yogurt is a nutritious and healthy food. Sour milk not only preserves all the nutrients of the original fresh milk, but also lactic acid makes proteins form a fine curd, which can enhance the digestibility and absorption rate.

2. Regulate the balance of intestinal microorganisms

Lactic acid bacteria in sour milk can inhibit the propagation of pathogenic coliform and dysentery bacteria in the intestinal tract, thus reducing the chance of human intestinal infection.

3. Easy to digest and absorb

Sour milk is easier to digest than ordinary milk, and easier to absorb, because of the special ingredients it contains, it is more conducive to digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract. So sour milk has certain benefits to the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

4. Get calcium

Milk is the body’s best food source of calcium, and fermentation turns some of the calcium into ions…

Can period drink leben?

Women can drink yogurt during their periods, but only after the yogurt is warm enough to drink. Yogurt itself has no effect on menstruation is, but because of yogurt are generally cold storage, and menstrual period women should avoid eating food or cold food, so can’t directly out of the refrigerator frozen yogurt drink, can put yogurt in about 45 ℃ warm water in a slow heating, increases with the increasing heat, feel is gentle, can drink.

Women can drink warm yogurt during menstruation. To say that yogurt should not be heated is to worry about killing the most valuable lactic acid bacteria in yogurt. If cooking is heated, a large number of active lactic acid bacteria will be killed, physical properties will be changed, separation and precipitation will be produced, taste and taste will disappear, and its nutritional value and health care function will be reduced. If the yogurt is heated, the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt will not be killed, but will increase the activity of the lactic acid bacteria, its unique health care role will be greater.

Can sour milk do face mask

Can expired yoghurt do facial film? Sure! A lot of women like to make oneself face film, and yoghurt face film also gets the favour of a lot of people because of its better protect wet effect and beautiful white effect.

But do yoghurt face film also has a requirement, the yoghurt that expires 1, 2 days can do face film, but expire too long cannot use, because yoghurt caking hind, all action has greatly discount.

Can expired yogurt be used as face mask? Yes, it is very simple, want to dip in a few even daub to be in the place that wants to protect wet and beautiful white only in pointing to abdomen, but what is worth noting is, before daub toward the face, had better undertake first skin is tried, lest cause unnecessary allergic reaction.

Can sour milk do face mask

Yogurt can be used as a face mask. Using expired yogurt on face can activate skin: yoghurt and flour are mixed make face film evenly, if the skin is drier, can add half egg yolk. Apply face with yoghurt can activate skin, make skin restores flexibility.

Ingredients: a cup of yogurt, an appropriate amount of flour, a small bowl.

What it does: it’s a great moisturizer and an exfoliator. Yoghurt face film can do the use that wash a face concurrently, before and after using need not purify facial ministry painstakingly. After use 4 ~ 5 times, skin will have brand-new feeling.


1. Wash clean face, had better wash a face with hot water, so facial pore is easy to expand, in order to facilitate the absorption of nutrition.

2. Will yogurt face film daub on the face, wait 15 minutes — 30 minutes hind, wash clean face. Be sure to use warm water.

3. Dip in with make up cotton pad a little weak acid make up water pat face, let its natural air dry.

4. Finally, you can also use yogurt as a skin care product on your face. After using yoghurt face film, need not use other face film again.

But before using the yogurt mask, do a skin test. Some people with allergies do skin tests without abnormal reactions before using it.

Ingredients: 1 cup milk, flour, a small bowl.


1. Leave milk in a warm place for a few days to allow lactic acid to ferment in large quantities.

2, the right amount of fermented milk and flour in a small bowl, mix well into a thick roux. Do not adjust too thin, otherwise you can not thicken the mask.

3. Add water to adjust the concentration when necessary.

After the materials are ready, the following is the full face application process:

1, apply fermented milk, ** 1 minute, with a hot towel wipe clean face.

2. Apply the milk mask thickly all over your face, leave it for 20-30 minutes, then wash it with warm water.

3, beat green tea water or other weak acid lotion, let it dry, with fermented milk to do cream face.

4, milk mask can be used to wash face, before and after use do not have to deliberately clean the face. After four to five times of use, the skin will have a completely new feeling.

Yoghurt face film had better do yoghurt honey face film to use 1-2 times/week is beautiful, the reason is the lactobacillus in yoghurt can flay off old waste cutin, everyday flay off cutin can make the skin is sensitive and fragile. Two to three times a week is fine, and be sure to use fresh yogurt. If the skin is not very good, also want to besmear a face with pure honey only, can make facial ministry skin white slippery do not have wrinkle, still can dissolve grease slowly. It is also mild and suitable for sensitive skin. Once a day, at night.

What are the 11 best ways to use expired yogurt

Yogurt or milk had better be drunk inside expiration date. And yoghurt expired whether can you drink, for theory should see the bacterium amount inside yoghurt exceeds bid. Of course, bad yoghurt, the proposal had better not drink, drank the likelihood of loose bowels.

If the milk has just expired and you want to check that it’s still drinkable, try the following: milk is usually pasteurized. After pasteurization, a small number of harmless or beneficial, more heat-resistant bacteria or bacterial spores are preserved in milk. Put the milk into the pot to boil, if it starts to break up before boiling, it starts to separate, it starts to solidify, then it shows that the bacteria is over the limit, so the milk is not drinkable.

What is expired yoghurt useful to use? Expired yogurt is generally not recommended to drink, but there are many other USES, specifically, the extent of the expiration of the role of different:

Yogurt expiration is not long, just expired, can be used to wash your face, take a bath or do facial mask. Expiration is longer, contain the bacterium kind substance is more, the proposal does not use face or take a bath, use as other other clever use is better.

1. Wash your face and protect your skin

Lactic acid can soften the cutin and has a moisturizing effect. Apply the expired yogurt on your hands, pat it until it is completely absorbed, then knead it to clean the cuticle, wash it with warm water, and apply a hand cream. Your skin will become quite delicate.

2. Yogurt bath

Use the yoghurt of shelf life to do yoghurt bath too extravagant, with expired yoghurt, it is to make the most of what one has. When you take a shower, evenly apply the expired yogurt all over your body, massage it until it is absorbed, and then rinse it off. You will find that your skin becomes quite tender and smooth. Wash a face with expired milk, the effect also is lever, of course premise is flavour did not produce change.

3. Make a facial mask

Facial mask is also a good choice for expired yogurt. You can use face film paper bubble yoghurt directly, do a simple yoghurt face film, also can add honey, pearl powder, make it face film. Such as:

(1) shrink pores — yogurt egg white mask

Put some egg whites in a small bowl, whisk and pour in some fresh yogurt. Stir well and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse.

(2) whitening – yogurt pearl powder mask

Want the woman of beautiful white, absolutely not not this face film – sour milk pearl powder face film.

Take appropriate amount of pearl powder into a small bowl, add 4 teaspoons of yogurt, pearl powder will mix, and then put a small paper film can, of course, you can also adjust the pearl powder yogurt mask painted on the face, finally do not forget to massage on the face, until the face mask dry, and then wash the face with water can.

(3) moisturizing – yogurt honey mask

A spoonful of honey plus four to five spoonfuls of yogurt, stir them well, milk rich in natural milk protein, not only can effectively moisturize and soften the skin, moisturizing the natural effect is very good.

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